Safety First: Securing Your Home and Business

Whether you own a business or home, keeping it safe is critical. But sometimes even the most vigilant safety measures aren't enough to keep out intruders. I own a small food store in my neighborhood. I didn't use a security system or camera to monitor my store. Instead, I relied on my employees and other businesses to keep an eye out for crime. But one night after closing time, someone broke into my store and stole money and many other items. Because I didn't have a security camera or alarm in place, the police couldn't take immediate action to apprehend the thief. I learned a valuable lesson that night. I took action and had a security system installed on the premises. It was the best decision I ever made. My blog offers tips on how to keep your company or home safe. Remember, safety should always be first.

3 Reasons Why a Video Verification Alarm System Could Be Beneficial to Your Business


If you own any kind of office or store that is easily accessible to foot traffic, you likely take some steps to securely lock down the building every evening before you leave. You likely also have an alarm system installed that will inform you or the police if someone does try to break in. But today, more and more businesses are opting to install an alarm attached to a video verification system. This system can send video of your store in real-time to you or the authorities to give an immediate clear picture of exactly what set off the alarm system. Here are three reasons why this could benefit your company. 

No More False Alarms

When you pay for an alarm system that automatically contacts the police for you at the first sign of trouble, there is at least the potential for the system to be set off by something other than a burglary attempt. Over time, if the police are frequently called out to your building and then realize it's a false alarm, they may start to not take your alarm system very seriously. By sending a video of what is currently going on at the potential crime scene, the authorities will better be able to tell if the alarm is legitimate or not and will be able to respond accordingly.

Better Chance of Making an Arrest and Getting a Conviction

If the police can immediately see that something is wrong at your business, they will be sure to react quickly which should lead to a high apprehension rate in cases where the alarm is legitimate. But if the authorities still can't get there in time, the video verification may provide them with a starting point for hunting the culprit down. Once an arrest is made, the video shot at the scene can also be used as evidence in court when attempting to obtain a conviction. It's pretty hard for a criminal to say they didn't do it if you caught them in the act on video.

Peace of Mind

When you install a video verification system, you are usually given the opportunity to put up signage advertising this fact to anyone who walks by. If the system itself doesn't come with any signage you can certainly just create some yourself. Posting a sign that makes clear that your business is protected by live video verification will give both you, your employees, and anyone who does business with you some peace of mind from knowing that you are using one of the best security options available to protect your business.

A standard alarm system is always a good starting point for a business looking to increase its security, but today, many businesses are choosing to add video verification systems for additional protection. Being able to get a live picture of the crime scene is a great way to reduce false alarms and aid the police in catching and convicting the suspect. Talk to a security or alarm company today to see if video verification will meet your needs.


17 February 2017