Safety First: Securing Your Home and Business

Whether you own a business or home, keeping it safe is critical. But sometimes even the most vigilant safety measures aren't enough to keep out intruders. I own a small food store in my neighborhood. I didn't use a security system or camera to monitor my store. Instead, I relied on my employees and other businesses to keep an eye out for crime. But one night after closing time, someone broke into my store and stole money and many other items. Because I didn't have a security camera or alarm in place, the police couldn't take immediate action to apprehend the thief. I learned a valuable lesson that night. I took action and had a security system installed on the premises. It was the best decision I ever made. My blog offers tips on how to keep your company or home safe. Remember, safety should always be first.

A Few Basic Questions Concerning Hiring Security Services For Your Business


Securing your business is easily among the most important tasks that you can do for your enterprise. For some businesses, it may be beneficial to retain the services of a professional security company. However, those that are new to using these services may find that they are ill-informed about what they should expect from hiring these professionals.

What If You Only Require Security Services For A Few Hours A Week?

When your business is receiving a valuable load of merchandise or transferring money to the bank, it can be extremely vulnerable to crime. If criminals were to steal these items, your business could suffer a devastating loss. As a result, it is common for companies to request security services during these times. By having armed security personnel on-site during these exchanges, you will be able to drastically reduce the risk of a criminal attempting to take advantage of the situation.

Do Armed Security Guards Always Carry Guns?

For businesses that are needing armed security guards, it can be a delicate balance between securing the premises and intimidating customers. As a result, some business leaders may be worried about having guards with visible guns. However, it should be noted that you can choose to opt for guards that are not equipped with firearms. Rather, these guards will typically have tasers and chemical sprays that can be used. Additionally, many states allow security guards to have concealed weapons, which can help to keep your business secure without startling customers.

What Happens If Overnight Security Guards Notice Problems?

It can be common for businesses to want security services during the overnight hours when the premises is empty of workers. When overnight security personnel notice problems, they will follow strict protocols for handling the situations. While you will have a lot of input on how these services respond to incidents, there are some basic steps that they will almost always follow.

One of the first steps will be to determine the severity of the situation. For example, if one of these professionals notices that a gate has been compromised or windows broken, they will likely investigate to confirm that the actions were from unauthorized individuals. If there is a reason to suspect that the perpetrators are still on the property, the guard will contact the police so that they can be apprehended. At the end of their shift, a detailed report will be prepared so that the managers will be fully updated on the situation when they arrive to work.

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27 February 2017