Safety First: Securing Your Home and Business

Whether you own a business or home, keeping it safe is critical. But sometimes even the most vigilant safety measures aren't enough to keep out intruders. I own a small food store in my neighborhood. I didn't use a security system or camera to monitor my store. Instead, I relied on my employees and other businesses to keep an eye out for crime. But one night after closing time, someone broke into my store and stole money and many other items. Because I didn't have a security camera or alarm in place, the police couldn't take immediate action to apprehend the thief. I learned a valuable lesson that night. I took action and had a security system installed on the premises. It was the best decision I ever made. My blog offers tips on how to keep your company or home safe. Remember, safety should always be first.

Reasons To Position Security Officers Around The Santa Claus Booth At The Mall


If you're supervisor for a security company that operates in a retail mall, you need to be prepared to make changes to how to dispatch your officers to keep the community safe. This can especially be true around the holidays, but watching for shoplifters when stores are busy is only one duty that your officers will need to oversee. If the mall has a booth where local children can visit Santa Claus to say what they want for Christmas, it's advantageous to have a couple officers stationed in this area. You may wish to have your officers remain in uniform, or you may opt to have them blend in by wearing their street clothes. Either way, here are some reasons to station officers in this location.

They Can Prevent Disputes in the Line

You'd like to think that the parents who are taking their children to sit on Santa's knee will always be on their best behavior, but this isn't always the case. The stress of the holidays, compounded by children who may be getting anxious, can bring out the worst in people. Often, people may attempt to butt into the middle of the line to avoid having to wait for a long time, and this can rile up others in line. There's a real risk of arguments and even the potential of physical altercations in such situations, but the presence of your security guards can keep things calm.

Protection of Cash

At lots of malls, those working the Santa booth will accept cash as a form of payment from families whose children will be sitting with Santa and having their picture taken. This means that toward the end of the day, there may be a significant amount of cash on hand — which could make Santa's booth a target for thieves. It's important to have security personnel, like those represented on, on the scene to protect this money.

Maintenance of Order

You don't want a loss of order around Santa's booth at your mall. Whether people attempt to grab someone's shopping bags while he or she tends to his or her child, bored teenagers attempt to "crash" the booth to steal Santa's hat, or some other type of unfortunate event, these occurrences can give the booth and the mall as a whole a bad reputation in the community. Fortunately, the constant presence of security personnel can limit the likelihood of such an event taking place.


24 January 2018