Safety First: Securing Your Home and Business

Whether you own a business or home, keeping it safe is critical. But sometimes even the most vigilant safety measures aren't enough to keep out intruders. I own a small food store in my neighborhood. I didn't use a security system or camera to monitor my store. Instead, I relied on my employees and other businesses to keep an eye out for crime. But one night after closing time, someone broke into my store and stole money and many other items. Because I didn't have a security camera or alarm in place, the police couldn't take immediate action to apprehend the thief. I learned a valuable lesson that night. I took action and had a security system installed on the premises. It was the best decision I ever made. My blog offers tips on how to keep your company or home safe. Remember, safety should always be first.

3 Reasons To Get A GPS Vehicle Tracker


The Global Positioning System, or GPS, is now a part of everyday life for billions of people around the world. Everyone, from military contractors to research scientists to everyday civilians, uses GPS to track things, locate people, and efficiently get from one place to another. However, one use of GPS that many people aren't aware of is as a vehicle tracker. Take a look below to discover just three reasons you should seriously consider getting your own GPS tracker for one or more of your vehicles.

In Case of Theft

One of the most common reasons that people purchase a GPS tracking unit for their car or truck is the possibility of theft. While a tracker might not deter or prevent your car from being stolen in the first place, there is perhaps nothing more valuable to have after the fact. That's because GPS vehicle trackers provide you with real-time updates -- sometimes as frequently as once a minute -- so that you always know exactly where your vehicle is. Best of all, since GPS trackers are almost always magnetically attached to the underside of a car, the thief is none the wiser. This allows you to alert the police so that you can get your car back as soon as possible.

For New Drivers

If you're the parent of a teenager who is learning to drive, you might be anxious about how they handle things behind the wheel when they're on their own. Thankfully, GPS trackers allow people to access data about other drivers from the comfort of their phones. Parents can see, for example, if a newly licensed driver tends to drive faster than they are supposed to on the highway or on surface streets. They can also see the location of the car at any given time, so they can rest easy knowing their child is safely on their way home.

Delivery Logistics

More than ever before, people are partnering up with companies that provide meal delivery and other door-to-door delivery services. If you're already investing money in a vehicle in order to do this kind of work full-time, it makes sense to invest in a GPS tracker as well. Using the extensive data that trackers provide, you can easily work out how efficient your deliveries are, think about the best ways to expand into other areas, and see how your driving patterns have evolved over the span of months or years.


17 September 2021