Learn How To Keep Yourself Safe After Being Abused In A Relationship


Being in an abusive relationship can be devastating. If your boyfriend has recently abused you, it is important to do what you need to do to protect yourself to ensure that you are not abused again in the future. Use the following guide to learn what steps to take to ensure that you are as safe as possible at all times when you are trying to get away from an abusive boyfriend.

7 February 2017

Three Ways Small Businesses Can Get A Leg Up On Their Online Competition


With over 543,000 new small businesses starting up every month, many of them will encounter fierce competition with online businesses. Online businesses do not have the overhead that brick and mortar businesses do. This allows them to profit more off their earnings since they do not have to pay for a building. Many of the small businesses that start up will not make it and have to close up shop. For the ones that do make it, they have to ensure they are supplying their customers with quality service.

26 May 2016

Getting The Best Use Out Of A Budget Door Alarm


Not everyone can invest in high-end security equipment. A homeowner with limited funds might only be able to afford a magnetic door alarm. This type of device is, essentially, a modified smoke alarm that goes off when a door or window is opened and a magnetic trigger is separated from the casing. While not the perfect security device, the alarm is better than nothing and could prove effective despite some limitations.

20 January 2015